St. Louis Trip Part 2 - Heavenly Beds

First, I must disclose that since going on all of his business trips over the last few years, my husband has become a total hotel snob. So, we stayed in the Westin in downtown St. Louis (thanks to some points.) Well, by the time we finally got to the hotel it was late, which was a shame because the room was really nice. David has gone on and on about these rooms every time he travels, and I've never really understood. Well, now I get it. These rooms are awesome.

Here is why:

1. The Heavenly Beds. Yep, that is what they call them and there is a reason. If I were into stealing, I totally would've had the down comforter and mattress in my suitcase on the way out. And the cribs! No pack and play here. A cute little cast iron crib, complete with a Heavenly mattress, a dust ruffle, and a plush little rug. I mean, look how excited Elle was!

My girls slept great!

Sydney was out before we ever got to the hotel which was probably good. (I'm pretty sure she would've asked for her own crib.)

And I think Daddy enjoyed getting to put his baby to sleep.

2. The Bathrooms. They were huge. They had "princess tubs." Elle was stoked about the phone next to the toilet. I was excited about the double head shower. The hotel didn't have a swimming pool, which the girls were sad about, until they discovered how deep the bathtub was. Who needs a pool! 

There were tons of mirrors in the bathroom, so Elle actually sat still and let me dry her hair. Good-bye flat hair. Hello new hair-style (which she now wears some version of most days. Well, at least the ones I'm not feeling too lazy.)

And I did finally put a barette in to keep her bangs out of her eyes. :)