St. Louis Pt. 3 - Our Fun Day


On our way to find some breakfast we found a park with a bunch of statues that the kids thought were pretty neat. 

This was David's favorite.

And, what trip to St. Louis would be complete without a trip to the arch. Nothing like paying to go up in a big metal thing in a pod. I wasn't sure how the girls would take it.

Does the look on her face say how she felt about the pod? I think I might have been telling her we were stuck in there forever, or some other lore. Hey, it is how I get my kicks.

Once we were to the top the girls LOVED it. I think Elle was even more mesmerized than Sydney. Sydney was more interested in taking pictures. Elle just wanted to stick her face on the window and look out. David thought she was going to fall out and die. He really wasn't digging the whole arch experience. Something about the crowds??

David's smile? Totally fake.

Syd loved the museum in the arch. We didn't get to do all of it, but promised to go back some day. she was excited she got to listen to stories about pioneers and the guy used her to be one of the girls in the story he was telling. That was definitely her favorite part of the day.

After lunch/dinner at Hard Rock (and I will NEVER eat at a Hard Rock again) we went to Union Station. My little star....

and we listened to Joel play the piano (and of course he needed Elle's help.)

Then we took a ride on the subway type thing. FYI - you need cash, and not a $20. You get your change back in dollar coins. Do you know how heavy that can be to tote around?

Sydney quickly became a pro at being a "big city" girl.

A quick stop at the temple, and we were on our way home. But, I have to say how excited Sydney was to get to see the temple. She always stays with grandparents when we go, so this was the first time since she was a tiny baby that she actually got to see a temple. She was pumped!! (Too bad it was closed and she crawled under the fence to get there!)