Tulsa Zoo

Finally, here are our pictures from the zoo. **If they are too tiny, just click and it will be really big and you can see them up close and personal. Not responsible for any gorilla nose hairs you may encounter** It may take some close examining, but you will be able to distinguish my animals, I mean children, from those that actually belong at the zoo. My little crazies did have a good time, despite the chilly weather. We were glad that we had Nanny with us and hope that she enjoyed the trip as much as we did (who couldn't love being smashed in the back seat with two screaming hyenas?) The girls loved having her along and the fact that she spoils them way more than we do.

Sydney loved the polar bears and the lion - until he roared as she was sticking her head inside of a lion water fountain to get a drink - she was all of a sudden ready to leave. I'm pretty sure she almost peed in her pants. But, thank goodness she didn't because I'm way past the point of carrying extras for her. Elle's favorite animal by far was the kind that goes in your mouth - what zoo trip would be complete without animal crackers. Come on, are you really surprised?

I loved the area where all of the animals were out walking/flying around. See the top picture on the left below? Notice the bird that Sydney is pointing at. We were actually that close to it. Said bird is a cuckoo bird and the stupid thing jumped on my head. Yes - on top of my head. Not once, but twice. Someone must have forgotten to tell him that it is not polite to land on someone's head when the aren't looking. Oh, and my dear, sweet husband had the nerve to laugh. And I'm pretty that was his favorite part of the zoo - seeing my face when I had a cuckoo bird sitting on my head.