A Buggy Birthday Celebration

I can't believe it has almost been a year! Wednesday is her actual birthday, but we celebrated early. We had some friends and lots of family over to celebrate with us on Saturday. But, like all things in our home, we didn't get there with out a few bumps along the way. We started out with a stomach virus that began with Elle, then jumped to Sydney and ended with David. Yes, I must have a stomach of steel (or just be really blessed - someone has to be on kid duty.) Then, the clouds all day on Saturday made me extremely nervous, especially because we'd invited way more people than could comfortably fit in our house. But, once again we were lucky and the weather was perfect. Thanks Dad, Mom, and Nanny for helping us run last minute errands and roll tamales.

Elle was excited, and loved the balloons. I also think she felt pretty. Nothing like a girly little tutu and bows to make one sweet little girl smile. She is turning into such a girl and loved all of the attention. She was much more of a cake diver than I expected, and lasted the entire party with zero meltdowns. She thought she was hot-as-snot sitting in her little red chair and being the center of attention. She was more than happy to share the present opening with her sister, as long as she got to tear a piece of paper here and there. She went to bed very late, with a tummy full of homemade tamales and salsa. I hope that one day she will look back and know how loved she is, not by just by her mommy and daddy, but by her extended family as well!

(If you click on the images below they will be much bigger and you can actually see them, I'm just not patient enough to load that many on here individually.)


juleahr said...

You are the best mother ever! I miss your girls. I am thinking of miss Elle's birthday tomorrow and wishing I were there. Thank you for sharing them with us. for too short of time, but I loved every minute of it.
Love you and the girls,
Aunt Juleah

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness I can't believe she just turned ONE! Her party looks like it was awesome and she is so adorable!!

Jannae said...

So adorable! I miss you, David, and the girls so much! Also, I booked my flights and will be in LR June 10-20, so hopefully you guys will be able to head down for a bit. : )

somebody said...