Codeword: Jello

I'm a genius. Yep, that is right. Pure genius! You see, now that Sydney is in Sunbeams and I'm in the Primary Presidency, we've been having a bit of a problem when it is my turn to conduct or teach. Sydney thinks that because I'm talking on the microphone that automatically entitles her to tell the rest of the Junior Primary everything that is on her mind. She'd really like to talk on the microphone, but she has figured out that I won't let her do that(after many 'mommy is going to kill you if you don't stop it 'looks), so she follows me around, and says, "Um, excuse me mom, I need to tell you something." She then whispers something in my ear that she wants me to tell the rest of the kids. Like how they can't come to her birthday party because we're only inviting six people. Or that it isn't nice to call people fat, or whatever other bits of wisdom I've imparted on her that week. Needless to say, this is less than conducive to conducting or teaching.

So, this week I tried a new approach. Jello in our house is quite the treat, mostly because David hates it (and ice cream and chocolate...what is wrong with this man?) so I rarely make it. And there is the argument over whether Jello is a side-dish or dessert. I told him I will never be Mormon enough for Jello to be a side-dish, it is clearly a dessert. It is in the baking aisle for Pete's sake! But, I digress. Well, Sunday morning before church I pulled out the Jello cups and had it in the fridge before Bear got up. After breakfast I showed it to her and told her that if she was good and sat in her seat while I was teaching Sharing Time she could have some after church. Genius!! So, I ended up conducting too, because it is Primary and you just go with flow - the person who was supposed to conduct was handling a meltdown duet in the back row. So, anytime Sydney would wander to the front to tell me something, I would just lean over and whisper, "Jello." Whoosh...she was back in her seat. By the time Sharing Time actually started we had it figured out. After Sharing Time was over, she went up to the Primary President and said, "Can Kate come over for Jello??"

So, third Sundays have now officially been declared Jello days at the Rieske household. Sugar-free, of course.


Courtney said...

What a good idea, Ashley.
It's funny b/c my mom did something like that for us too when we were little. Except it was ice cream. We started out with 3 scoops and if we were bad at church, she would just hold up three fingers, kinda as a warning. If we were bad again, she'd hold up 3, and then dramatically put down one finger to show 2...representing only 2 scoops of ice cream. Worked like a charm. I like the idea of sugar free jello better though!

Jannae said...

In David's defense, if you'd grown up in the Rieske house, you'd be a picky eater, too.

Jessica said...

Cute idea. Um, sorry if the melt-down involved one of mine.

Kelly said...

That is BRILLIANT! I'm glad it worked so well!

somebody said...