Lately Sydney has been cracking me up, but we are at that oh-so-critical point in child rearing where I must not give in and let her know that she is doing so.

As we were leaving a garage sale:

S: Bye. Thanks. We didn't like any of your junk.

Checking out as we were buying new sandals:

M: Sydney, stay with me for just another second please.

S: You're really making me crazy today, little mama.

After her dance teacher told her how smart she was for remembering what part came next on her dance:

S: I know, my daddy says I'm intelligent.

As we are to the door, leaving for a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese:

M: Are you ready to go to Katelyn's birthday party?

S: You bet.
(hand on the door knob)

WAIT! What about the Chuck E. Cheese token coupons?

At the allergist office, sitting next to the doctor on the exam table:

Dr: Sydney, I love those boots. Do you think I could wear them?

S: (nudges him with her arm and says oh so seriously) Don't you think your feet are just a little big?

At the dinner table:

M: I sure wish I had an iphone.

S: Don't worry, honey. When David goes out of town and it is just us, I'll get you one.

After spending a morning alone with just mommy:

M: What was your favorite thing we did today?

S: Spending time with just you. (insert big hug)

How could I forget this one?? Thanks Doddy!

Riding in Papa's truck, after being silent for 30 minutes:

S: (In a monotone voice) Save money. Live better. Walmart.


Maren said...

She is honestly a hilarious little kid. And I don't say things like that unless I really mean them. Promise! Thanks for the laugh.

Coupons said...

I like the story, its very interesting.

Charity Brown said...

hahahaha, so funny! I can't wait til Ryan starts saying funny stuff like that! It's great that you're writing them down!

Courtney said...

That was an awesome post! What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Let grandpa add one - driving down the road in her car seat - not having said a word in about 30 minutes - out of the blue in a deep monotone voice comes:

"save money, live better, walmart"

Jessica said...

ashley, she really is something else. you're gonna have your hands full of her for a while!

Kelly said...

First, the rolls in the picture look beautiful and so delicious!!

Sydney is hilarious! I was laughing out loud. I love posts like this!

Amanda said...

Oh, thank you for the laugh! Sydney cracks me up!

somebody said...