Fun In Fayetteville

Monday we got to spend the day with some of my cousins that I hadn't seen in at least a decade, and I'm pretty sure much longer than that. Sydney loved it, and felt right at home since she has now known them for over a week. You know my child and how many strangers she me. Luckily, she got to attend a family reunion that we missed. The child is obsessed with family (which is a good thing) and has been overly excited now that she has figured out she has cousins. Poor thing was feeling deprived since she and her sister are the only grandchildren on either side - hello realization of the whole second cousins and beyond thing! So, now that she is no longer cousin-less, she is loving life once again.
We went down and showed them Fayetteville, after the obligatory lunch at Red Robin - Sydney's favorite. She was so excited to see everyone that she had a bit of trouble eating, but not talking. She even got onto me. In a moment of silence (when we were all trying to decide which burger to order) I was taught some etiquette. Or at least as much etiquette as a four-year-old posses. "Mom, you need talk to your cousins. Ask them how they are doing." Of course everyone laughed and I just shook my head. What else can I do?
After a quick trip by Razorback Stadium, we ended up on the square. We walked around a bit and found The Little Bread Company. I'm a bit confused by the name, because I didn't see one little bread in the entire place. Note my child eating a cookie that very much dwarfs her along with a bottle of water that matches.
cookie as big as child's head= very happy child
The owners must have had their glasses on backwards the day they came up with that name.

Like any good mother, I gave up safety in the name of a good photo op.

We went to a few hippy shops (what trip to Fayetteville is complete without that) and I learned that this whole hippy streak in our family started way before me. Cheryl (my dad's cousin and the twin's mom) and I have very similar tastes and thoughts on lot of things. Good to know I'm not a loner. And to make sure I fit in around Fayetteville, I spent the day sans shoes. Not that I'm really up for that sort of thing, but being the genius I am, I wore heels. Fayetteville Hills and heels really don't go together. But, thank goodness it was Fayetteville, otherwise I might have gotten a few looks. As it was, I fit right in.

Elle slept most of the day on my back (that back carrier is seriously a gift from heaven!), but did wake up once she was back in the car and discovered that her sister had left her giant cookie unattended. Once again we are back to the equation big cookie= happy child.

We had a great day and enjoyed visiting with family. My one disappointment is that Aaron and Patrick have decided to live their adult-life with facial hair. How am I supposed to tell them apart? As a child, I always told them apart by the freckle Patrick has just above his lip. Could they not have shaved just for this one trip? Other than that, and the fact that they are about six feet taller, they haven't changed a bit. So, thanks guys, for not taking me into consideration when making such a drastic decision. Posted by Picasa