First Day of School

Well, we made it through our first day of school. Sydney was a little less than excited about getting up at 6:45, but a little Dora helped her get over that. After fighting with her to get her to shower, get dressed, brush her teeth, brush her hair, this is the outcome.

I was nervous that Sydney would be scared being in a new building with new teachers, but of course she did fine. She walked in and said, "Mom, a hug and a kiss. Have a good day."

This is when we first got to school. Of course she had to take baby with her.

Her biggest concern was making sure she had one of the strollers for her doll. Her teachers said she was great and was a leader. She is one of the youngest in her class, but definitely the smartest .(This of course coming from her Mommy!) She made a cute little "all about me paper" and actually answered all of the questions correctly. When asked what her favorite food was she answered, "mac and cheese" which I know was her original answer. I don't think anyone besides her really calls it that. My class did the same sheet and I'm pretty sure some of them went home with sheets that were a little different than what they should have been. My class, is well, a little wild. There were seven of them yesterday and I really felt like there 75. I'm ready to get about a month into it, when they know my rules and we have established boundaries.

This year Sydney is in the Brown Kangaroos classroom which is right across the hall from me. I didn't get to peek in on her near enough, but I'm hoping that as my class settles down I'll be able to do more peeking.She was the first one asleep and I had to go in and wake her up when it was time to leave. But, she was super happy. Here she is complete with back pack, nap mat, lunch box and everything else she needs. I think I need a pack mule to get in and out.

She was worn out from school and actually went to bed before 10. It is 9 a.m. now and she is still sleeping. She had a lot of fun playing before she went to sleep.