We're Pregnant!

OK, so for those who have not hear we're pregnant again! I'm due on May 8, so right now we are praying that this goes well. My first appointment is in two weeks, so hopefully we'll know more then.

Bear started ballet yesterday at her new studio, Bak Stage. She is so tiny and young compared to the others. Most of the others are four, but there are a few three-year-olds. She didn't want to stand in one spot like she was supposed to, but I'm hoping that gets better over the next few weeks. Her last studio wasn't really strict about staying in your spot. I'm sure that after a few weeks all will fall into place. She did better during the second half of class which was tap. She was so excited to get to wear her tap shoes that she really paid attention. Sorry that we don't have any pictures, but David had the camera.

Yesterday was David's last day at Pratt & Whitney. They got him a really nice clock and presented it to him during a meeting. Sydney and I were there and it was kind of sad. We have made some good friends during his last two years there, so I think he will miss them. But, he started his new job today. I'm really anxious to hear how it went.

Well, I'm tired so I'm off to rest before David gets home. Shhh...don't tell him.