Blueberry with a heart beat!

Big Sister Sydney

Whew...it has been a while since I've posted. I had my first doctor's appointment today and things are going really well. When Dr. Seale was doing the ultrasound I was so nervous. For those who don't remember, the 7 week visit was when we found out that something might be wrong last time. So, when she said, "And there is our little blessing!" I knew things were ok and I teared up out of relief. We saw the heartbeat, which we never saw with the last baby. It is measuring 12 mm, or about the size of a blueberry. David said it looked like a terd. Remind me to tell this kiddo that was their Dad's first words about him or her. Sydney thought it looked like a fish, but said, "There is my little brother." Dr. Seale agrees with her that it is a boy because I've been so sick this time and I wasn't with Sydney. I don't really care right now, as long as it is healthy. Dr. Seale gave the ultrasound pictures to Sydney who proudly toted them around and showed them to anyone who would look and listen on the way out. They are "her" pictures of HER baby brother. We'll have to make her copies.

David went to New Jersey this week. While he was gone we had a bird decide to vacation in our garage. It kept sitting on the dog door and peeking in at us. Fun, huh? Especially all of the chirping during the middle of the night.

Sydney and her bird friend (according to her he lost his mommy and was sad)

Sydney is doing better in ballet, although she is so tiny compared to everyone else. This week she decided to lay down and pretend to snore. Her teacher told me about it afterwards and said it was all she could do to keep herself from laughing. I warned her to NEVER laugh at Sydney and then proceeded to tell her about the ballet recital. I can't get any more pictures to post, so I'll try again later.