Today is the Day

Well, Sydney has been begging for a little sibling for a long time. She insists that she wants a sister. When you ask her who her best friend is she says, "my sister, my brother, Mommy and Daddy." We have yet to convince her that she doesn't really have a sibling, but maybe she knows something we don't.

So, after several months of Clomid and nothing we've moved on to the next step of infertility treatment, which is an IUI. It is scheduled for this afternoon and I'm hoping Bear will be asleep - I'm going to do everything I can to keep her awake until then! I'm really nervous, but I feel like an IUI is the right thing to do. We're so ready for another child and willing to do most anything to get there.


Kelly said...

HI Ash, Good Luck with everything. We are praying for ya'll and think about you often. Love you!

lulu j. hill said...

You know I am backing you more than anyone. Maybe Sydney will be right and she will have a brother and sister. Wouldn't that be fun. By the way, you might check your profile again.

Ashley said...

Yeah, I'm definitely not a male. ;)

Jannae said...

Yeess, I need another niece or nephew to spoil.

somebody said...