Things we love about Elle

1. She screams for her "Dagy" when Mommy puts her to bed.

2. She loves to cuddle.

3. She just might be the bossiest person on earth. She bosses Mom, Dad, and even her very bossy big sister.

4. She is somewhat of a perfectionist. There will be no bottle uncapped, no zipper un-zipped, and definitely no open doors if Elle is around.

5. She has a sixth sense for finding chocolate.

6.When she is going potty, she will tell you "go way! It 'tinky."

7. She will NOT touch a worm. She will, however, "remind" you to put it on the ground.

8. She loves her animals. You, however, should not touch her giraffes. Those things are sacred.

9. She loves her sister - she is great at kissing her "owies" and giving hugs to make sure she is ok.

10. She is a magnet if she happens to sleep in your bed. Put her, dead asleep, on the other side of the bed, she'll be glued to you in a matter of seconds.