What makes us us.

If you know us, you know we're who we are. We have our own little crazy family things that we usually do in private. One of our silly family traditions is dancing. We have the "shake your booty dance" (which even comes with its own song) and the "Oh, Yeah" dance.

Saturday was the "Very Fun Family Day" that I had secretly planned months ago (more on that later.) So, I was all giddy when we stopped by the allergy clinic to get our bi-weekly shots. When I went in the nurse said, "oh, you are on the green vials now" which means that I only have to go once a week for shots instead of twice. I was so excited I started doing the "Oh, Yeah" dance right in the middle of the nurses station. Then I remembered where I was (and that my family wasn't around.) Oops. David said he is totally embarassed for me.
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