Big Sister

So, Washington Regional has this silly policy that no one under the age of 12 can visit new babies unless they are a sibling. Sydney has been DYING for baby Caleb to get here, so we had to figure out a way to let her see him. Two days later just wouldn't work with her. So, Ben decided that just because Caleb was Chay's first baby, didn't mean that it had to be his first. Here is big sister Sydney with her half-sibling for the day, Caleb. Isn't he cute! She was so excited and she even got a button that says I'm a Big Sis. She even played along with Ben being her "pretend dad" for the day.

Elle is growing up so fast. She is closer to seven months than six, which absolutely breaks my heart. She is sitting up independently, which makes it much easier to move her from room to room with me during the day. This kid does NOT like to be by herself. She is perfectly content sitting and playing as long as someone else is in the room with her. The second she realizes she is alone she SCREAMS. So, she gets toted everywhere (which I totally realize is only encouraging this behavior, but what can I do?) Along with the joy of sitting up goes getting to ride in the grocery cart vs. her car seat. Can I just say that I am PUMPED about that?? I love not toting that heavy car seat. Most of the time Elle has been in the Moby wrap at the store and everywhere else we went. It makes life so much easier, especially when chasing Sydney. But, the one drawback is that I haven't built my arms up to carrying the car seat like I did with Sydney. I'm seriously such a wimp when it comes to carrying it, not to mention that Elle is almost the size at 6.5 months that Sydney was a 1 year. But, darn she is cute!

Finally, I got her bath shot. I have a cute picture of Sydney as a baby when bathing with bubbles all over and it sits in my kitchen. I told David that if you looked at the pictures around our house you'd never know that Elle is a part of the family. Finally, I printed this picture and it is on the kitchen counter next to Sydney. So, after 6.5 month, welcome to the family, Elle.

And here is one of my favorite pictures - Elle and Sydney curled up napping together. They really are best buddies and I dread the day they learn to team up against me, because I'm in for it.

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