Should we take pictures of all of her firsts?


Sunday night we had our usual pasta dish. Pasta is a nice, quick dish and we always have some on hand. This week we chose ravioli. For dinner, I usually remember to fix something for Elle, but last night I didn't. My baby LOVES her food, so she started the grunting sound that means, "I want some, and I want it NOW." I gave her a taste and the girl was in heaven. She ate a ton of it. Then, I look at her and she is sort of coughing/turning redish blue. Yep, she is choking. Since she is coughing my logic is to leave her alone and let her do her thing to get it up rather than sticking my finger down her throat. All of a sudden I hear this disgusting sound and I'm covered in puke. Yep, all over my church clothes there is a nice redish, vile smelling substance and one piece of ravioli that was obviously the culprit. I said to the husband, "Well, she has officially thrown-up for the first time." Mocking me (as the husband loves to do) he said, "Quick, grab the camera!" No worries, there are no pictures of the official first puke.
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