Thanks in my world.

I am  thankful for girly squeals at a decibel too loud to process.  Books. A husband that loves me for me, faults included. Girls that spend an abnormal amount of time in timeout some days- at least they are healthy enough to be getting into the mischief that landed them there in the first place. "Squeezes" from Bug. Pest control that keeps all of the other bugs out. Iphones. Love notes from Bear.  My scrawny mutt. A husband who work hard to provide for us. Blogger. Date night. Parents who love me. Music. An extended family that does its best to love one another and get along. A warm, dirty house - at least it is lived in and enjoyed.  Wonderful neighbors. Great grandparents who instilled a love for family years ago. A new kitchen table that doesn't need weekly repairs. Tastebuds. Friends that I can count on. Little voices singing in the car (and their interpretation of the lyrics.)  Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Girls that sleep with me when Daddy is out of town, even if it produces less than the required amount of sleep. Jalapeno peppers. All of my Primary kids at church - nothing like a million hugs on Sunday! Pilates. Johnny Bruscos.  My wonderfully simple life.