A Camping we will go

In early October we headed down to Petit Jean State Park to go camping. But, they were full except for the sites where you aren't allowed to build fires. Camping without a campfire, no thanks. So, we thought we'd go the next night. And it rained, and was going to rain all of the next evening as well, and well, we just aren't THAT kind of campers. So, we headed back up to Devil's Den where it was supposed to be a little less rainy. But, we had to hurry because the office closed at 5 p.m. and we needed to buy firewood. (Campfires are kind of essential to camping, right?) We pulled in at 4:50 and got a site (that we weren't allowed to pay for until the next day - whatever) but we did get our firewood! Oh, and we forgot our camera, so these are all iphone pics. Blah.

This is Sydney showing us how many marshmallows she had eaten. Yes, that is nine fingers she is holding up. Seriously, it makes me want to hurl just thinking about it.

Here are the valubale lessons we learned:
1. Eagle Scout does not equal qualified to camp with girls. Especially three single-handedly. I really think they should make that part of the requirements. Are you reading this BSA?? Way more valuable than how to start a fire with sticks.

2. Elle does not like to be dirty. We already knew that, but thought that just MAYBE she would be a little forgiving since we were camping and all. Nope, not so much. A girl has to have clean hands.

3. Don't leave mom in charge of keeping the fire going if it isn't really going. You will have to begin again.

4. Don't turn a four-year-old loose with a bag of marshmallows. What were we thinking?

5. Can opener. If you are going to make a dump cake, bring a can opener. Or, just go borrow one from the camp next to you.