Meet our two new residents

Our first new resident is Anastasia. Uncle Timothy took Sydney to Build-A-Bear for her birthday and she built Anastasia, a bunny in a Tinkerbell dress complete with wings (which will be important in a minute.)

The first couple of days Anastasia took a back seat to all of her other birthday loot, but from Wednesday on she goes EVERYWHERE. Everyone who meets Anastasia has to listen to her "heartbeep."

If Sydney goes potty, so does Anastasia. She has been to ballet, to school, to Wal-Mart, and of course she has to go to bed with us, too. The wings are really pokey, but Anastasia can't take her Tinkerbell off at night because she doesn't have pajamas. Sydney has a birthday party to go to this afternoon so we bought a Build-a-Bear gift card for her friend. While we were there Anastasia got a "bath" and new pajamas. (Sydney decided that would be a good use of some of her birthday money.) So, now she has to change at night and in the morning.

Now, onto our other new resident.
What, don't you see her? This is a picture Sydney took of Khana (I'm guessing on the spelling since Khana has yet to tell me how exactly I'm supposed to spell her name.)

The other night I was in the bathroom getting ready to go out on a date (thought I should document that since it happens so infrequently) and Sydney brought a blanket in and said, "There, is that better?" I asked her who she was talking to. "My pretend friend," she said. She goes on to tell me that Khana is very tired because they'd been playing so much. They'd played school, dolls and on her jungle gym. Well, you know me - I started to worry that it was bad that she had an imaginary friend, but then I read this article on Babycenter.
Don't worry, your toddler is not only normal, she's also very creative. Her burgeoning imagination fuels this wonderful fictitious creation, someone who accompanies her as she explores the world. Firstborns often have imaginary friends, as do very bright kids.
So, for now I'll worry less and just get to know Khana, who is apparently Anastasia's sister. She has long blond hair and loves her family. That is all I really know about her so far - I just hope she's nice.