The big 6 months

Today marks six months since this little angel entered the world. Six months! Where did it all go?

So, in honor of six months, here are six things I am currently loving about this sweet boy.

1. His hearty belly laugh.

2. That "grumpy" days usually entail him not laughing. Yep, super easy baby.

3. His chubby thighs. (I'm pretty sure they make up a good 16 of his 20 pounds. Pic to come.)

4. That he gives me kisses all of the time. Yes, those big, wet, slobbery baby kisses. Love them!

5. He loves playing with his feet. I've always wanted a baby that lays and plays with thier feet. Check!

6. He loves me best. Yes, for once, I am the favorite parent! It only took three tries to accomplish. David assures me that this will change as soon as I am no longer the food source. We'll see - this kid just has a sweet spot for me. :)

 I can't wait to see what the next six months bring!


Charity Brown said...

he looks so much like your girls!!! too cute! and isn't it fun being the favorite parent?!!! :)

Crystal said...

He is a cutie! I've noticed that Graham is more lovable then Camarae. I don't know if it is a mom/son vs. father/daughter thing or not. Glad he is an easy baby.

Courtney said...

he reminds me of suzy based upon your list of 6 things. He is adorable!!!
Yay for easy babies!