First Day of Kindergarten

So, I thought Sydney had a good two weeks left until school started. I was trying to come up with some really fun, exciting things to do to make her last days of summer extra special. She and I had already had a mommy/daughter date to buy her school supplies - she was pretty excited. I was pretty much dreading that day - sending my oldest off to complete strangers five days a week didn't sound so appealing.

Then we got a phone message at 4 p.m. on Wednesday the first week of August, and there was an opening in the school I'd really hoped she we get to go to, but was told that it was full. Everyone else had started on Monday. So, we asked her what she wanted to do - turns out maybe she was a little more nervous about starting school than she had let on earlier. Bring on the melt down. We were debating what to do and still hadn't decided when we put her to bed (she had dance class at 8 the next morning.) Finally, at 7:40 the next morning with the kids loaded in the car for dance and David ready for work, we decided that we wanted her at the year-round school.

I called that morning to tell them we were interested and asked when should she start. (I'm thinking at least Friday...we are on the way to dance class) and they asked if she could start that day, and if not, at the latest, Friday. So, I let her make the decision - I was worried about her making friends and missing out on all of the fun stuff happening the first week of school. Well, of course she says, "Today - if we can go get a new dress like you promised first." So, I pull off at the next interstate exit, call David and book it on over to Target (where else do you get a first day of school dress at 8 in the morning!)


She got there around 9:30, new dress, but minus a lunch (we didn't have the time or supplies to make one that quick!)

She was glad to go. Daddy was already inside starting the mountain of paperwork to get her enrolled. I'm not going to lie, 7 months pregnant and sending your oldest to school is not the best combination, especially when you have less than two hours to prepare yourself. I cried like a baby and she smiled bigger than anything when we left her at her classroom. She was excited to be "the new student" and was happy to see a friend from church in her class as well.

She is the only non-Spanish speaker at her table, but she says they are teaching her. She loves her current teacher, Mrs. Fields, but is having a little trouble with remembering not to talk during class...can you imagine that? Her regular teacher is on maternity leave, but will be back after their two week break in October. I can't believe she is growing up so fast!

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Anonymous said...

She told me she got "in a little trouble with talking" but got out of it by being the helper. It all balances in the end..