Disney Magic

Sydney and baby Simba. 

Fighting off Caption Hook...

Dad had to give it a try, too.

But, he wasn't quite as brave as we thought.

And what is a trip to Disney without a little Tinkerbell in your hand.

Maybe that is a little weird.

And one of our favorites....Stitch!

He causes a lot of trouble, so Mom and Dad had to do a little scolding...

And then be a little silly.

We couldn't have balloons at our hotel (too dangerous for all of the animals) so these had to do.

And, we love Pinky Mouse, and his friend Minnie. As Elle always says, "Come here animals"

We had a blast...

See ya real soon!  When Elle turns 5, to be exact.  Three years and counting!


Anonymous said...

Ashley, these pictures turned out precious. I just love the one with Elle and Minie Mouse. Actually they all turned out great. I like all of them. Dont remember you and David doing your picture. That was great. Is this all of them? I thought there were more.

Ashley said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! Eric is really wanting to take Austen next summer, but he will only be 4. What do you think--too young?

Anonymous said...