A Sunbeat!

***Another post I forgot to actually post***

Well, the time has come and Sydney is offically a Sunbeat, I mean Sunbeam.
She missed the cutoff for last year by two weeks, so now that she is almost four she was definitely ready to move out of nursery and into real Sunday school. She was so excited and loves her teachers Jared and Lurana. She totes the picture from their wedding invitation around and shows everyone that will listen her teachers.

It was my turn to teach Sharing Time and I was a little worried how Sydney would do with me teaching. As expected, she thought she should get to help, too. As soon as I started talking she walked up to me and whispered, "Mom, tell them I'm have a birthday at Build-A-Bear." I tried to explain to her that I was trying to teach and that she needed to sit down. Overall, she only got up three or four times, which was much less than I expected. Heck, I was thrilled that she chose to sit in her seat at all. Jared and Lurana are saints...they have 12 (yes TWELVE!) Sunbeams to keep up with. (The Sunbeam class is everyone who has turned 3 before Jan. 1)

When I asked how Sunbeams went she frowned and said, "Not good, not good at all. I couldn't remember how to be reverent!"

This week we went and bought her a tiny Book of Mormon and scripture case so she can take her scriptures to Primary. She thinks she is hot stuff with her own scriptures and hasn't lost them in the three days she has owned them. Impressive.