Expanding her vocabulary...

Today we got up a few minutes later than I meant to, so we were rushing to get Sydney to school. When Sydney and I got out of the shower Elle was crying, so I gave Sydney her clothes and told her to put them on (which she is perfectly capable of doing) while I went and settled Elle down.

M: Get your clothes on.

S: But I can't.

M: Yes, you can. Hurry.

S: I'm freaking out here.

M: Just get yourself dressed.

S: But, MOM. I'm FREAKING out here.


Charity Brown said...

Haha! So funny!

doddy said...

I wonder where she got that one from.

Great header picture - that should get award. Nice to see you still have your creative edge...


Kerilee Law said...

LOL!! Way funny.

Mante said...

Totally unrelated to your quite charming blog... I'm mante from the nest. It turns out the other poster can't use the angelcare parent's unit I've got. If yours is an AC201 (the one that has the sound monitor as well) it's yours for the asking. Just email me at tastybeef@yahoo.com



PS - I know you have to "approve" postings on blogspot (DH has an account, too) - that's why I'm getting you here, since you're offline @ the nest.

Jessica said...

Sounds like something one of my munchkins would say.

somebody said...