Wow...it has already been almost three weeks since Elle was born. I can't believe how quickly it has gone by! She really is a great baby and is super laid back. We're exicted to say that she still has a full head of black hair, but it is always oily because we all sit around and run our hands through it all day. She is surviving her older sister who is absolutely in love with her, but doesn't quite understand that babies need lots of sleep. Sydney spends a good portion of the day trying to wake Elle up so she can play. We've also had a few close calls with Sydney picking Elle up and carrying her around. Like any good big sister Sydney is also learning to blame lots of things on Elle. Last night we were in the car and Elle started crying. When she stopped, we looked and Sydney had her finger in Elle's mouth. When she realized she was caught she said, "No, baby Elle. Don't put my finger in your mouth!" Still no jealousy issues, so keep your fingers crossed for us on that!

I'm still feeling pretty tired, although I'm getting a ton of sleep considering that I have a newborn. My biggest frustration is not being able to get up and do stuff like I want. A walk around the block the other day kept me sitting around the entire next day because I was sore. I'm ready to get back out and take long walks and do something, really anything. I definitely think this c-section was MUCH, MUCH easier than my first and I'm feeling a lot better at this point than I did at this point last time. But, I'm not a sitter, so I'm still learning how to take it easy.

So, long story short, our house isn't as clean as I'd like and we're eating a lot of cereal and leftovers (thanks to some wonderful friends at work who brought us dinner last week.) We're all learning how to live and function as a family of four instead of three. But, the important thing is that we're all making it one day at a time and surviving!
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Ben & Chay Fuller said...

Those pictures are really good. I'm glad she is so laid back that you are able to get some of the sleep you need. I love the hair too and I'm glad it's still there !

Kelly said...

Great pictures! What a cutie. I'm glad she's a good sleeper and that you're getting some rest. That makes such a difference!! Its good to hear how things are going. =)

Charity Brown said...

Congratulations on your new baby!! Your girls are adorable!
Charity (McGarrah) Brown

somebody said...